1. J

    Is SAS survival secrets correct about level of training?

    In SAS survival secrets 'firearms' training it was said that 'in the regular units soldiers often do not fire more than a few rounds there entire career, however in the SAS they practice shooting daily' Is this true?
  2. A

    Proposed changes to knife legislation

    The government have published proposed changes to legislation for consultation. This is in an effort to curb the use of weapons such as knives and acid. Offensive and dangerous weapons: new legislation - GOV.UK It looks like yet another populist knee jerk reaction by the government. They need...
  3. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Armourer - Met Police

    Our Specialist Firearms Command unit supports unarmed colleagues who are working operationally across London. This is a unique opportunity for an experienced Armourer to join us: there isn’t another Police Service in the UK with the variety of challenges that this role offers. For further...
  4. thegimp

    police firearms media series

    not sure where to post this but found this of interest. Probably the first in depth police firearms training media There are a lot of videos in the series
  5. J

    What would happen if someone is shot in the head by a .50Cal Desert Eagle?

    Hello Guys best wishes for 2017 ! My name is justin I live in the Netherlands! I have seen the movie deadpool! And I play the game for Cal of duty! Well I i do a kind of fictional and curious research! Do you see this Picture from a. 50Action express Desert eagle? Look also this short video...
  6. Ritch

    International Movie Firearm Database (IMFDB)

    I've put this in the Films section as the title obviously makes clear, this is like IMDb but for firearms. I watched 13 Hours recently and saw a rifle that I wanted to know the name of. I tried to Google it and they directed me to this website. 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi -...
  7. guzzijon

    Secrets of a Police Marksman - Ch4 Thursday 18th August 22.00

    Very interesting. Ex-armed cop Tony Long talking through his 30-year career as a Met firearms officer.