1. Nemesis44UK

    Deep River

    Firstly, an apology to both Mr Marlantes and my reviews editor, I have not only blown past my deadline, but left it so far behind, even Google wouldn’t find it. Life sometimes gets in the way and as a hardback book that’s 700+ pages, Deep River isn’t the most portable of tomes. Anyway, down to...
  2. CptDanjou

    Holidays in Finland ?

    In a moment of madness I've just booked our family holiday in Finland , fly to Helsinki in August for 10 days. have you been ? what do you recommend ? Two adults with two teenage brats in tow , the plan is to hire a car and go Airbnb`ing , outdoor activities are the main interest but I have to...
  3. karhea

    Hell march - Finnish Defence Forces

    A non-official hell march video on FDF. The title refers erroneously to Army, but there are clips on all branches. It is probably worth noting that the original material is copyright FDF, mostly from short promotion videos. AFAIK, no combat footage from international ops is present, so mostly...