1. S

    Mental health nurse student

    Hello I was not sure which forum to put this on.I am looking for information on the fitnesd side of it as a healthy but unfit female and the financial aid which is given as well as the actual role and life as a soldier mental health nurse. I am currently at sixth form studying sociology,English...
  2. DSJ

    Chasing French company for late invoices - advice sought

    All, I am currently chasing a significant sum of money owed to me as a contractor by a French company. The contract is a French contract and they are in breach of French law as they are now over 60 days late for all invoices and expenses owed. Invoices are late by over 4 months, varying by...
  3. C

    London mutual Credit Union

    I was just wondering if anyone had used this credit union for their finances and loan applications? Iv found myself in a bit of bother and am looking to sort out my poor credit score and consolidate all my outgoings. After doing some research I came across these armed forces covenant schemes...
  4. P

    Self Employment Advice

    Hi - I'm new to this so please feel free to chuck me out if this is inappropriate? I've been in business now for 13 years and run a very small bookkeeping/accounts/payroll etc business. I'm running a series of seminars aimed at guiding, supporting and encouraging entrepreneurs and am...
  5. R

    Veteran's Experiences in Civilian Employment

    Looking to conduct short phone interviews, around 15 minute in length with British Army veterans. The research aims to understand what benefits and barriers are created by time in service when moving into civilian employment. The research so far has highlighted the lack of financial support...
  6. F

    FDM Ex-Forces Programme

    CALLING ALL EX-FORCES PERSONNEL Interested in IT? Technically minded? Outgoing and a team player? FDM are recruiting NOW for: Business, Project Support or IT Consultants We are currently seeking candidates from across the services that have the drive and potential to build a successful career...