1. J

    Blender GCI

    Some have expressed interest in what to do once HMF have realised you've been bluffing the whole time and now it's time to let you explore other opportunities. With that in mind I'll put forward CGI as a hobby that could turn into a business for you. Modern film is stuffed full of computer...
  2. B

    Looking to interview ex-service personnel for a new interactive feature film

    As part of the national commemoration of WW1, pioneering art group Blast Theory have been commissioned by 14-18 NOW to make an interactive feature film exploring why some of us choose to go to war and others choose not to. Director and co-writer Matt Adams would like to interview ex-service...
  3. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Applications open for 2018 Media Course at the Forces Media Academy

    The Forces Media Academy is inviting applications from service leavers, veterans, and reservists to embark on a free one-year Higher National Certificate (HNC) Media Production Course. To find out more CLICK HERE
  4. Goatman

    Casting Call #16....yam yams!

    Oroight yow ? 2020 Casting looking for people in West Midlands Read this first Number 1 : all the jokes about casting couches,fluffers and Carry on up the Extra have been done,better than yours. Number 2: a number of Arrsers make the odd beer voucher doing this stuff . It pays, not enough and...
  5. thegimp

    Multi-format enjoyment

    Its not an original idea (Been done since the dead sea scrolls no doubt) but I'm getting some pleasure from reading books while referencing (Watching, listening) to the events in the books on youtube, The films, interviews, performances, cultural references, music I started with no middle...
  6. RhodieBKK

    Dansk Afghan fillum - "A War"

    Grauniad have just posted a vid review of this and like the curate's egg is only partially satisfying. Whilst one jaded reviewer felt it was "cliched" and "an exercise in liberal breastfeeding", the other fella thought the action scenes were good and the courtroom drama was suitably boring. A...
  7. LittleFilmShow

    New Film Review Show presented by former Royal Marine

    Hi everyone, Forces TV have launched a new film review show presented by former Royal Marine Cassidy Little. @badco kindly said we are welcome to post the show in here to see what you guys think! Must See