1. JINGO

    It’s The End of the World. But What Are We Really Afraid Of?

    It’s the end of the world…….. How many times have you heard those words in your life in relation to a book a film, series or even a game? More than a few I’d wager. It turns out that as a race we are obsessed with our own demise. It is this aspect of our psyche that Professor Adam Roberts...
  2. Cynical

    The Tigress of Mysore

    This book is the fourteenth in the Matthew Hervey series which charts the career of a cavalry officer in the Napoleonic and post Napoleonic era. This one finds Matthew commanding his regiment, the 6th Light Dragoons, in India in 1834. That itself is an interesting historical period as the East...
  3. old_fat_and_hairy

    Hunting for Wolves

    In the former Yugoslavia the ethnic cleansing has begun. Fragmenting states and a breakdown in the rule of order has contributed to political chaos and the emergence of genocidal atrocities. At the heart of one of these is a General with his own personal elite; the Wolves of the VRS. He will now...
  4. Cynical

    The Passage to India

    This is the thirteenth book in the Matthew Hervey series. If you are not aware of these books you are in for a treat. The series chronicles the rise of Matthew Hervey, an officer in the 6th Light Dragoons in the late Napoleonic and post-Napoleonic era. This, latest, is set in 1831, Hervey is...