1. M

    Ammunition Technician

    Hi all, Was wondering on the actual realistic role of an Ammo Tech. I'm a female, very keen to be in the 'thick of it', and am currently considering Ammo Tech, STA Patrols, CMT or Infantry, having ruled out officer entry. I worry that this role won't have the variety of a more combat and...
  2. R

    Regimental Choices

    I am a female and I am considering the HHC. I am getting so many different conflicting views on this, especially from the recruitment team (one didn't even know that women were allowed to join the HCAV). So bluntly, are women at a disadvantage in what is considered, up to now, a male bastion...
  3. Question1998

    Royal Military Police question

    Hi, I was just wondering if there are any serving RMP’s or anyone with some knowledge that can help me out... I am a young female who is wanting to join the rmp before using these skills for civvy street police, not only that but being a part of the military is a high aspiration of mine. I...
  4. Sana

    Females in the Army

    Hi, I am considering joining the Army. I was just wondering if women really get treated exactly the same as men? Do they get shouted and sworn at like men? Is the same level of swearing and banter used towards women? Would appreciate it if you let me know. Thanks.
  5. F

    RAMC ladies mess dress wanted!

    I'm looking for ladies RAMC SNCO mess dress without having to have it made! Size 12-14 and about 5'5" Does anyone know of anyone looking to get rid of theirs? Thanks
  6. H

    Wanted RAMC female mess dress

    I'm in need of a female RAMC mess dress and jacket. Size 12/14 and 5ft 7 in height. Any help or direction as to where I can get one would be appreciated.