1. K

    Army reserve, worth a shot.. or stay in my lane?

    Hello, I’ve trawled the internet looking for people in the same situation as me and haven’t come across anything as of yet so thought I’d ask here! I’m 24, a single mum currently living with parents and my 3yr old son. I’m not currently working. When I was younger I wanted to be in the army and...
  2. S

    Is family in hhcav essential for officer entry

    Im looking to join household cavalry as an officer when I finish 6 form. However, a couple of my mates have told me that they don't let you in unless you have some sort of family connection to the regiment. Sounds like bs but just wanted to ask
  3. BarcelonaAnalPark


    I recently bought a large plastic jar of dinosaurs for a young child. I sensed it was a good investment because of the general enthusiasm for dinosaurs exhibited by the subject. In fact, this past year I have greatly increased my annual budget for purchasing dinosaur merchandise. In some months...