fam visits

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    Contacting a regiment

    Good Afternoon Gents, I'm booked to go to RMAS next January and with just under a year between now and then I endeavour to get on as many fam visits as possible. The regiments that I'm hoping to have a good look at are The Rifes, PWRR, Mercian and I'm also hoping to throw myself at a Para POIC...
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    Army Officer Regiment choice

    So I'm wondering about potential regiment choices. I was thinking a Helicopter Pilot Officer in the AAC, however I have been researching and have read that a flying career lasts around five years. I've also heard the reg is also difficult to get into, but I haven't totally ruled it out. Can...
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    Organising Fam visits individually

    Hi All, I have my briefing coming up shortly and i would like to get in touch with a couple of regiments regarding fam visits to get the ball rolling. I have spoken with my ACA and ive been told i cannot look to start organising them until breifing has been carried out, but i would like to...