1. Ex Observer

    Tea & Medals - The Defence of South Georgia

    BFBS Tea & Medals have just uploaded an interview with Lt Keith Mills DSC RM and two of the other defenders of South Georgia during the Argentine invasion of 3rd April 1982. I've never seen interviews with the actual defenders, and despite seeing several YouTube videos on the subject, none go...
  2. Mrs Slocombe

    The Falklands Sinkings: The Untold Story

    The torpedoing by the British of the Argentinian light cruiser General Belgrano is well known, but what of the six British ships that were sunk? Nearly forty years after the conflict, the full story can now be told. Podcast
  3. R

    BFPO post question

    Hi everyone, Not sure if this is the right place to post this query? Today I posted a small package under 2kg to my boyfriend in the RAF based in Falklands. He gave me his full address including BFPO number and it had "Falkland Islands" at the bottom after the BFPO number. I'm now having a...
  4. guzzijon

    Bogdanor on the Falklands

    Tonight (Thurs 24th March 22.00-23.00) on the BBC Parliament channel. Recorded coverage of the lecture by Professor Vernon Bogdanor on the Falklands War and its political impact. The lecture took place on the 8th, here:- The Falklands War, 1982
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Falklands War - HMS Argonaut

    These are my recollections from my time during the Falklands conflict, for those who may be interested. For those not: Avast Reading. The notes accompanying the pictures are not necessarily in chronological order and are just things that were sporadically typed as they were recalled, thirty or...
  6. guzzijon

    French Help With Exocet. Letter In Telegraph

    There is an interesting letter in today's (Monday 2nd January 2012) Daily Telegraph which I have copied verbatim below (couldn't find it in their online version). Sir - My recollection of French "assistance" over the Falklands conflict differs from Peter Forrest's account (Letters, December...