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    Medical form. Application to join.

    I've applied to join the army (with intentions of going to AFC Harrogate in September 2018). I have a few things to ask: 1) I've taken the Medical form for my GP to fill in (where they enclose my medical history) but they said it could take up to 2 weeks for them to sort it. How will I know when...
  2. M

    The Army and Eyesight - JSP950 issues

    Hello all! I have gone through a bit of a storm with regards to an Army Officers application. Originally, whilst at Uni I applied to join the Reserves to get some experience whilst I was at uni. Only problem being that I had glasses, but i was not at the time (Sept 2013) outside the eyesight...
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    Another on eyesight

    I know there are other threads out there but I would like someone to confirm this for me My eyesight sits at Right +4.75sph -2.50cyl 17.5 axis aided 6/6+ Left +7.50sph -3.00cyl 160 axis aided 6/7.5+ Im looking at RA but if theres anywhere I can join it would be apreciated to...