1. X


    So I’m currently in basic training getting ready to go on a 5 day exercise in a few weeks. I’ve only been on one so far, and my boots are excruciatingly painful, the top of the boot bruised the whole part of my leg and made it extremely painful every time I walk in those boots. I asked my staff...
  2. K

    Deployment/Exercise Frequency

    Alright chaps, I'm in the process of joining the British army but would like to know which roles provide the best opportunities to deploy/train/exercise oversees most often. I'm currently leaning towards the Royal Engineers, specifically, carpenter but have read on previous forums that REME...
  3. JNM

    Quick training HIIT help

    I’m Going to the assessment centre in 2-8 weeks and I’m planning on doing more HIIT to boost my fitness and shave hopefully a minute or two off my run time depending on the assessment date, wondering if the following would be a good schedule. Morning and evening sessions Day 1 - 1 session...
  4. B

    How to layer clothing?

    When out on exercise what should i wear under smock and webbing, we get told to wear just t-shirt underlayer or not but i know there's more to it than that. The scenario is clothing for brecon
  5. M

    Personal Role Radios On Patrol

    Just found out that we are going to have PRR's on our ex this week just wondering how many other Detachments have PRR's on their exercises?
  6. J

    How can I improve my running time

    So ive applied for the British army and I ve been running for around 2 months, prior to then I did little to no exercise. When I first started running I was getting 1.5 miles in around 14 minutes, whereas now I ve got it down to 12 minutes 14. 3 weeks ago I changed my running programme to...
  7. robbo2347

    Line Laying Exercise Idea

    I have to set up a line laying exercise, and i have no idea on the best way to make this work successfully. Can anyone who has ever been on one or has ever organised an exercise like this please share your ideas so it can help me design a good exercise. Thanks very much.