1. M

    33 EOD Regt.

    Want to join RE, specifically 33 EOD but after doing some reading I’ve got the impression that if I join the RE there’s a chance I won’t end up doing what I want to do (EOD). Can someone clarify the process of going from civilian to officer in 33 EOD? Cheers
  2. S

    Ammunition Technician Testing Board

    Hi there, I've recently passed my assessment at Pirbright with the intention of joining as a Ammo Tech for the RLC. I'm just waiting for my ATTB Assessment at kineton and i'm curious on what to expect and to research. any help would be much appreciated.
  3. Z


    Hello, I have a few questions about this role before I put forward my application. First off, the 2 day selection at Kineton what should I expect and how can I prepare for this? Also what are the day to day jobs of a Ammunition Technician, I know that you are responsible the safe keeping of...
  4. thegimp

    Love island EOD Walt

    ******* kill me now....I watched Love island and some bird is apparently an EOD operator Love Island star Camilla's SHOCKING job finally explained "Camilla's job is to locate and identify the ordnance and then evaluate the hazard it presents to the local civilian population. Once this is...
  5. B


    RE bomb disposal in Malta WW2 to 1979 is to be recognised with a memorial plaque in the capital, Valletta in September 2017. (7300 UXBs dealt with by max 2 officers & 30 men in 2 years in WW2!) Did you or anyone you know serve there? Info at Bomb Disposal Memorial Malta
  6. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Device Disposal (EOD) (IEDD) (C-IED)

    TDI provides commercial and humanitarian landmine clearance, unexploded ordnance disposal, training and remote logistics solutions in inaccessible and often hostile locations, primarily across Africa and the Middle East. TDI invite personnel with qualifications in the following areas...
  7. J

    EOD Officer Qualifications

    Hey all, Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I was just wondering if anyone knows what kind of qualifications I need to become an EOD officer if any (by any I mean additional specialised ones specifically for EOD) I plan on doing some kind of engineering degree, going to Sandhurst and then...
  8. M


    I've got some enquiries, I've said I wish to join sappers as fabricator to get that trade then achieve my end goal as EOD specialist , I then found out that sappers do the more uxb stuff than modern counter explosives, I then proceeded to look into the rlc ammunition technician. However through...
  9. S

    IEDD operators....Traditional Call Signs?

    Just curious what ATOs or IEDD operators traditionally had as a Call Sign if they had any. thanks TheŁËĞÊÑĐ
  10. M

    Which trade?

    I'm stuck on what trade to do, I want to do one where I wont do near **** all, I was thinking armoured farmer but I found you can do that as a side trade if your lucky. I then thought fitter for its opportunities but I didn't want to be stuck in a workshop, same for comms spec. I wanted to do...
  11. H

    RE Transfer 42 to 33

    So after the pay change and the fact I'm struggling with the academic side of Geo, I think its time to think about transferring, but what are the chances of me being able to transfer to EOD instead or am I going to be told shit luck and sent to Kinloss or something?