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    Parachute Regiment

    Hi everyone, I am looking to join the Parachute Regiment. I understand the entry fitness tests are: 2km that has now been changed to a beep test 11.6 minimum for the regiment(because of COVID19). 4kg medicine ball throw. Mid thigh pull. On the army website it says nothing about the PRAC, do...
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    Parachute Regiment - Senior and Junior entry?

    I've been looking into joining the Parachute Regiment as an officer, and upon reading the fitness entry requirements for this regiment (which seem to be the most demanding in the military) I noticed that there are different run time criteria.......both for the paras. First run time = 9:40 ...
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    3MI Qualification Requirements?

    Hi all I'm interested in joining 3MI, however I didn't exactly try my best in school and as a result, I don't have the necessary qualifications to join. Is this a problem? Or will this be overlooked if they realise I'm not a complete thinko upon meeting them and during selection. Any...