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    ELC Training Courses for 2018

    Lots of ELC Courses available to add to your skills... Use it or lose it... To find out more - click here
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    Use your ELC to train as a Ski & Snowboard instructor!

    Nonstop Ski & Snowboard run the world’s most popular and highly regarded winter sports instructor course. For more details click here
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    Enhanced Learning Credit Training Courses

    We know that choosing the right training and gaining well-targeted qualifications are essential elements in preparing you for success in your new career. Have ELC's to us - take a look at out full list of ELC courses HERE
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    Everything ELC

    Check out the ELC training courses - goo.gl/Nz1exE
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    ELC Training Courses

    For all your ELC Training Courses, Funding, Further Education, and Jobs read our latest edition here. www.questonline.co.uk
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    Quest July 2017

    The latest edition of Quest is online: www.questonline.co.uk The ABC of ELC training courses
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    Cycle mechanics and frame building courses

    Downland Cycles Ltd are industry leaders in cycle mechanics and frame building. Trainer/Assessors have 20 years in cycle industry - a wealth of experience from business set up and development in the industry. Further more you can use your Enhanced Learning Credits Find out more here
  8. M

    HNC - ELC?!?

    Hello, I'm leaving next year and looking at doing a HNC in computing. Do you know if my enhanced learning credits will cover this course? Also I'm entitled to full resettlement. If my ELC do cover a HNC do you know if I could do a full degree with my ELC? Cheers!!
  9. ZonalAppreciation

    University of Lincoln - Military Programmes

    I am currently researching online courses, and I have come across this: Military Programmes - University of Lincoln There isn't too much information about it on the site, and I have failed to find anyone who has attempted any of the courses, so I open it up to Arrse, can any of you shed some...