english civil war

  1. MoleBath

    Book Review: Shakespeare's Other Son?

    The work examines the life of a larger-than-life 17th century character, whose activities included playwright, gun runner, colonial governor and theatre manager. A spell in Cowes castle and later the Tower of London on pain of his life just add to the drama. Davenant was the son of an Oxford...
  2. Themanwho

    Cromwell’s Failed State and the Monarchy

    Written by Timothy Venning, this book details the turmoil in the decades following the English Civil War, a fascinating period in history when Cromwell’s great experiment in nation making, covering regicide, dictatorship, wars of conquest and defence, and eventual collapse, was enacted on the...
  3. M

    The Puritan Princess

    Review by Metellus Cimber II If you are living in seclusion thanks to Covid-19, this fascinating novel should help you to beguile the time until normal life resumes. At 434 pages, including Notes, it is a substantial work. If you enjoyed Daphne du Maurier's Civil War novel, The King's General...