1. Captain_Crusty

    Artillery of the Napoleonic Wars - A Concise Dictionary 1792 - 1815

    Kevin F Kiley is a retired US Marine Corps artillery officer who has written a number of other books on Napoleonic artillery and generals. This book, though, is his magnus opus. It is exactly what it says on the cover - a dictionary of everything you need to know about the artillery during the...
  2. J

    Engineer trade after leaving

    Hi I am thinking of applying for the army as a plumber. I know this may sound like a stupid question but how much did you use your actual trade in the army and did you keep on top of it? I presume a plumber isn't going to be needed every day on an army base compared to civi street so what would...
  3. Q

    Combat engineering

    Hi sorry if this in the wrong place but I'm looking at joining as either a fabricator or a design draughtsman in the engineers. I just wanted to know what the split between trade activity and combat engineering is for both roles as I like doing both however I dont want to be stuck doing my trade...
  4. M

    Infantry or Engineers?

    Hello folks, I am interested in joining the reserve forces. I am not entirely sure what is the best role to choose though. I have an advantage in that there is a great choice around me as there is infantry, signals, engineers, logistics, military intelligence and artillery. However I would be...
  5. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Hazardous Area (DSEAR) Engineer

    We have an exciting opportunity to join Anglian Water's expanding Electrical Maintenance team. We are looking someone with experience working on Hazardous area equipment and electrical installations with a proven competence in time management. You specifically will be completing inspection...
  6. Johnnhoj

    Qualifications gained as Fabricator

    Hi guys, looking to go from Reserve Infantry into a regular role potentially. Anyone have experience with this role as a Fabricator? I'm interested but unsure on what qualifications you'll gain and how long it will take to gain them. Qualifications you 'could' is hardly promising, like saying...
  7. L

    Need some advice On joining the army

    Hi ever since I was 14 I’ve always wanted to join the army I currently work in construction Been doing it two years now training as a bricklayer but the job Doesn’t fill me very much so I’m thinking joining the army reserves more then lightly as a driver but looking for other...
  8. B

    REME | VM, Recce Mech or Aircraft Technician

    Sorry in advance if this is in the wrong thread. So I'm in my last year of GCSEs and I am looking ahead to after sixth form. I've decided the army (more specifically REME) would probably be most suited to myself. I've narrowed the trades down to three of interest: -Recovery Mechanic -Vehicle...
  9. d3adp1zzab0y

    degree from the REME

    I heard that you can get a degree in mechanical engineering in the REME, but how would one go about getting that, and is it only for certain roles?
  10. d3adp1zzab0y

    armourer and civvie street

    hey, i’ve applied for the army and am hoping to join the REME once i have done my phase 1. I was drawn to be an armourer, as it seems like a fun and varied job, but i want to know what civvie jobs it means you can get once you’ve left the army, and also what trades have the best jobs once you...
  11. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Deputy Security Engineer - Estates HMRC

    As Deputy Security Engineer, you’ll play a vital role in the success of an ambitious transformation programme to build a new modern, digitally enabled estate - and help us create the best Estates department in Government. For further information click here
  12. G.Lewis

    Design Engineer Team Officer

    I recently gained my place as an Army officer through Welbeck DSFC and I'm currently looking at officer roles. I have heard Design Engineer Team officers mentioned as a role but I have not found any info online about it. Would appreciate if people could give me an insight into this role (the...
  13. Mr Sapper


    Hi i have a GNVQ in engineering can this be used for a entry requirement in the army I'm looking join as a vehicle mechanic and grades needed are 3 D's in Maths, English, and double award science. I only have a D in Maths I'm looking to take my English exam again. Any help will be great. Cheers
  14. P

    Military Engineer communications RE

    Hi Can anyone please give advice on this role plse my son just passed his selection up in scotland and has been offered this position as they say he is colour blind even tho the optitians say he isnt so cant be a sparky or fitter .. will he find it exciting or just plane boring will he be out...
  15. TeamBox

    Joining the Royal Engineers

    Hi I am looking to join the Army, in the Royal Engineers I am looking at the Engineer IT Systems Operator role I was just wondering, is this a role where I would be in combat? or is it more of a role where I would be at base most of the time? I understand it's difficult to answer, just trying...
  16. TeamBox

    Joining the Army

    Hi I am looking to join the Army, I am looking at Signals Installation Technician, communication systems operator or the Engineer IT systems Operator role I was just after a bit of advice, I see the Royal Signals do an insight course over 5 days? Is this good for getting a bit more knowledge on...
  17. M

    Which trades are in field squadrons?

    I ideally want to be in a field squadron when I soon join because of the combat engineering. I'm hoping to either become an armoured farmer or POM. Im just curious, which trades are most common in field squadrons, it won't affect my choices but I'm just curious.
  18. J

    How hard is joining REME/Royal engineer's

    Just wanted to know how hard it is to join REME/RE? Was thinking about applying for Plumbing and Heating, or possibly fabricator. Can someone tell me what the written assessments are like and if they're easy to pass. Applied for the RAF a few years ago and remember the exam being solid for...
  19. Confusion

    Can't decide between infantry or trade

    I have ADSC next month and my three choices are 1. The Rifles; 2.Intelligence Corps; 3. Household Caverly. I want to do a combat job (hence Rifles), but if I leave at 40y/o I won't be able to get a high paying job in civvy street compared to the tradesman. So my question is: exactly how easy is...
  20. A

    CSE - Comm Sys Eng - Communication Systems Engineer... how does it compare?

    Morning All, I've been searching through the forum for any posts with 'CSE', 'Comm Sys Eng' and 'Communication Systems Engineer' in them - some good info has been found, but a lot of it seems a bit outdated now. As it stands I am looking to re-enlist as a Communications System Engineer having...