1. C

    ELC Low Threshold claims

    Anyone out there know what the score is with these? Discovered the document that states I've been enrolled onto the ELC scheme and the following line caught my eye: 'Provided you are still in service on the 25/10/2019 you will be able to make low threshold claims (currently set at £1,000).'...
  2. Simon - Quest Magazine

    New QUEST: essential course and career information for serving and ex-Service personnel

    All-new QUEST magazine is now live, in print and online at www.questonline.co.uk QUEST – established for almost two decades as the go-to resettlement guide to careers and training opportunities for those leaving HM Armed Forces – now also incorporates COURSES 4 FORCES, its sister publication...
  3. Bris

    Coding courses

    Now I'm settled into civvy life, I find I have a bit of spare time on my hands, as well as 2 ELC grants that need to be used fast (after they reduced the time limit you can claim them for). Has anyone done any coding courses with their ELC? Any particular languages? The last stuff I touched...
  4. ZonalAppreciation

    University of Lincoln - Military Programmes

    I am currently researching online courses, and I have come across this: Military Programmes - University of Lincoln There isn't too much information about it on the site, and I have failed to find anyone who has attempted any of the courses, so I open it up to Arrse, can any of you shed some...