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    Eczema in the army?

    Hello, I am hoping to join the army within the next few years but I have a question about eczema. When I was a child I had mild eczema in the creases of my arms and was prescribed an emollient gel to sort it out. I know that the army won’t let you join if you have eczema but I had it many years...
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    Failed Army Medical

    I failed the army medical for eczema, because of this I cannot reapply for 3 years. The eczema is now gone so could I join the Royal Marines? Would they know of my failed army medical and not let me join?
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    Eczema worth a shot?

    I have spent the last few hours reading about every thread with eczema for any sign that it's a possibility. I also fully understand that everyone is different and there's no better accuracy then from the horses mouth, I'm just looking for an opinion. If you look on the British Army website...