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eastern front

  1. JINGO

    Cataclysm. The war on the Eastern Front 1941-45.

    That the war on the Eastern Front in the Second World War was conflict on huge scale is no surprise to anyone with even a passing knowledge of military history. But the actual scope and intensity is something difficult to grasp when the actually facts and figures are presented. Keith Cummings...
  2. Themanwho

    The Drive on Moscow 1941

    0.5 Mushroom Heads “The Drive on Moscow 1941” by Niklas Zetterling and Anders Frankson covers the third phase of BARBAROSSA, Operation TAIFUN - the German attempt to capture Moscow, and the Soviet response. Produced in normal paperback format with 280 pages there are copious maps and photos...
  3. Themanwho

    The German Army on the Eastern Front: An Inner View of the Ostheer's Experiences of War

    A collaboration between two historians, “The German Army on the Eastern Front” purports to be a fresh look at the Wehrmacht’s experience in the east, and it mostly succeeds in this. Using a selection of source materials ranging from letters home to contemporary Divisional and Corps reports and...
  4. D

    Kursk 1943

    The author has written a very well researched and enjoyable book. This reviewer previously knew little of the war on the Eastern Front and is now much more knowledgeable about it. Kursk was one of the decisive battles and was the beginning of the end to the war in the east. The author has not...
  5. CanteenCowboy

    The Battle of The Dnepr

    This book is a combination of two reports compiled by the Red Army General Staff's Military-Historical Directorate, which was charged with collecting and analysing their War experiences. It is clearly of its time, and shows even though it's written within a year of the end of the War the Cold...