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  1. Dark_Nit

    Injuns taking over t'internet

    Not only do I see @earth's rantings and drivel on here, but now my Linkedin feed is showing this on a regular basis: And like earthy, no matter how many times I hide it, it keeps coming back.
  2. chuggafugga

    India declares war on Pakistan

    Looks like Earth got what he wanted India declares war on Pakistan Some exchange of fire along the border of Kashmir where 7 members of the Indian Border Security Force were killed in an exchange of fire
  3. Nemesis44UK

    Indian student is gang-raped for revenge

    An Indian student has been gang-raped twice by the same men, the second time in revenge for her refusing to drop her case against them. EXCLUSIVE: Rapist gang told Indian student 'we've trapped you again' Poor woman.