early release

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    Rejected early release

    I have recently transferred from REME to QARANC and have decided to sign off after not enjoying my nursing course I applied for early release as I am sat in a holding platoon with no nursing qualifications i have a good job lined up and other reasons for wanting early release it has been...
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    Legal ways to leave the army early

    I have been in for 10 years I have recently transferred from REME to QARANC I’ve done about 6 months of the course decided that I didn’t enjoy it and chose to sign off and apply for early release. I was told by the RCMO that it could be done relatively fast (3 weeks ) due to not being trained...
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    Leaving the army before 4 year contract

    Hello, I am 22 years old and have currently done 1 3/4 of service. I have been discussing wanting to leaving the army when I can, this is because I am just not happy with my job and I've wanted to join the police of which I truly know I'd be happy in. I have applied to join BTP and got accepted...
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    NTT advice needed

    So, I've signed off and my date on jpa is May 26th 2017, given leave etc I should be out at the end of April. Now here's the problem, I recently applied for a level 4 apprenticeship in project management and was successful. I originally thought the job was for September 2017 but they've offered...