1. Auld-Yin

    Sword of Bone by Anthony Rhodes

    Review by @exbluejob This book was first printed in 1942 and has recently been reissued by the Imperial War Museum. It received much praise when first released, essentially for the writers very clear and engaging style of writing. He later went on to become an author. He is very clearly well...
  2. sirbhp

    Churchill's Admiral in Two World Wars:

    Roger Keyes was the archetype of 19th to 20th century Royal Navy officers. A superb seaman, inspiring leader and fearless fighter he immediately caught the eye of senior figures in the naval establishment as well as the up and coming politician, Winston Churchill. The relationship between these...
  3. Themanwho

    Dunkirk Evacuation Operation Dynamo – Nine Days That Saved an Army

    Dunkirk is a campaign which has been so well covered it’s hard to know what new there is to write about it within the realms of sanity and reality. Indeed, I have seven books specifically about Dunkirk on my shelves, with at least double that number covering it in passing. This book is part of...
  4. untallguy

    The Dunkirk Perimeter and Evacuation 1940

    The Dunkirk Perimeter and Evacuation 1940, written by Jerry Murland, is part of Pen & Sword’s France and Flanders Campaign and sits in the Battleground Dunkirk series. As such, it is very much written as a battlefield guide, both for the armchair historian and those more willing to travel. The...
  5. Subsunk

    ‘The Royal Navy at Dunkirk'

    Having volunteered to review this because it was nautical, I was braced for a fairly dull collection of defence writing of varying standards. This was emphatically not the case. Operation DYNAMO was conceived in haste and desperation, and carried out successfully against the odds. The sense...
  6. seaweed

    Wartime 16mm silent movie

    Dunkirk evacuation photos show trail of devastation | Daily Mail Online This DM article on Dunkirk opens with a truly fascinating movie which is only partly about that but includes some impressive convoy seatime and other things. Scroll to the first video & enjoy.
  7. Drew5233

    Interested in the 1940 France and Flanders Campaign?

    Just in case anyone is interested in the above campaign, Dunkirk et all I've set a up a Facebook page a few weeks ago. I only set it up a few weeks ago and I've added close to 200 related pictures, all the VC citations with maps (ideal for battlefield tours) with lots more detailed info and...