1. chuggafugga

    Crime pays, or does it?

    Perhaps old news to some but something to show the Border Force do more than reject immigrants etc The sad story of how a trio on a small fishing vessel were recently caught with nearly a ton of 70% pure cocaine with a street value of £82m I particularly liked the part where the captain of the...
  2. Goatman

    Drugs,Vietnam and Russia

    Interesting article in today's Sunset Times, covering the rise and rise of 'legal highs' including Spice. LINK This paragraph caught my eye: John Huffman,whose original research into synthetic cannabinoids was the pump primer says "My wife looked up the compound JWH015 on Google. My...
  3. K

    Hair drug testing at medical?

    Hi chaps, a mate took MDMA (once) and smoked weed (three times) over the summer, before submitting his regular officer application. He's got his medical in a couple of weeks and is a bit worried about drug testing there. Is there any chance they might do a hair drug test on him? The period...
  4. DesertEagle

    Pre assessment

    I have got pre assessment tuesday 26th july, but i have a few questions which i have searched and not really found the answers to. Will i be drug tested? Will i have to do tst test? Will i have to do BARB test? Those are the few questions i am seeking answers to. I am looking forward to pre...
  5. M


    Well, where do I start?? I have recently been given my RGMD back from the docs, basically saying I had depression and was dependant on coke. I had gone to the doctor about this confidentially and confidently in March last year. Reason for this spout was due to the fact I was travelling and...
  6. WargasmNow

    The Likely Cause of Addiction - It's Not What You Think

    Interesting article on Huff Post by the author of the new book 'Chasing The Scream: The First And Last Days of the War on Drugs'. I think Peter Hitchens would approve.