donald trump

  1. Red Hander

    The Met Police: Is policing politically impartial?

    Long story short: puncture a Trump 'blimp' - arrested. Shout at Anna Soubry - arrested, facing trial. 'Egg' Jeremy Corbyn - arrested and imprisoned. Shut various parts of London for a few weeks: very courteous, Sgt Wilson-style, 'Would you mind awfully of I arrested you?' policing. Carry an IS...
  2. BarcelonaAnalPark


    As my current haircut reaches the last stages of its current life-cycle before it emerges and starts looking for a mate, I have a conundrum in that I can't reach my preferred hairdresser in time before I have official engagements where I need to be presentable. Should I be looking for a new...
  3. JockScot

    Anonymous Declares War on Donald Trump

    So the infamous hacker group known as Anonymous has just came out saying that they declare "Total War" on Donald Trump, his fans and his campaign. This is one of the stupidest things ive heard. This is a group as well as the other Libtards who say that they hate fascism and call Donald Trump a...