1. Red Hander

    British Army Documentaries YouTube channel

    I have come across this Army-run (it appears) YouTube channel. The purpose of the channel is described as sharing some of the training and documentary films made by the army over the last 70 years. The channel is regularly posting new content and the videos uploaded so far are interesting and...
  2. Tattieheed

    PTSD Documentary 2019

    Evening folks, don't normally start threads as often as I post sh*te on existing ones but a good friend of mine is appearing in a documentary centered on the death of 3 of his mucker who tragically lost their battle with PTSD in 2018, it is on BBC 1 at 2230 on Tuesday, here is the link to it as...
  3. R

    Looking for a Rescue Dog? Channel 4 documentary series wants to hear from you!

    Hello all, Bit of a random one, do bear (woof) with me - I work for an independent TV production company and we're making a Channel 4 primetime documentary series which will follow the stories of rescue dogs and the people who want to re-home them. I'd really like to spread the message out...
  4. guzzijon

    Britain's Armed History. Starts tonight 05.01.17. BBC4

    I am increasingly liking BBC4 and a new three-part documentary which looks right up my street starts tonight. 9pm BBC4, trailer here:- Sword, Musket & Machine Gun: Britain's Armed History - BBC Four