1. W

    Army Deferral On Medical Grounds.

    Hi Guys, So first a bit of background I am currently going through the stages of joining the army, I have recently had my Army Brief and Face to face interview before assessment centre. During my admin part of the brief I happened to mention I have a blood condition which I was born with called...
  2. M

    Can I claim on Doctor visit while on leave?

    Hi all I was home to the Republic of Ireland for Christmas and I came down with a rough dose of D&V after a dodgy turkey sandwich. 48 hours of shitting water and the Internet doctors told me to seek medical attention, so I went off to my family GP (Closest med centre was about 120miles away...
  3. J

    What would happen if someone is shot in the head by a .50Cal Desert Eagle?

    Hello Guys best wishes for 2017 ! My name is justin I live in the Netherlands! I have seen the movie deadpool! And I play the game for Cal of duty! Well I i do a kind of fictional and curious research! Do you see this Picture from a. 50Action express Desert eagle? Look also this short video...
  4. G

    Any experience required for PQO entry?

    I'm looking to join the army as a doctor after uni. I'm also looking into the medical bursary scheme but because I've heard it's highly competitive to get into, would I be at a disadvantage if I haven't had any previous army experience like family history in the armed forces...CCF at school etc?
  5. thegimp

    Parent showing signs of dementia

    I thought I'd put this the medical forum tricky business dealing with parents, my old man, a very capable, active chap has been displaying unusual and certainly out of character behaviour. His comprehension of situations seems to be off kilter. He is firmly in the school of thought that...
  6. T

    Medical form sent by docs and being reviewed - Timescale?

    Hi Just signed up here as I find myself on this forum every other day. Just wanted to check on something.. I gave my medical form to the doc who withheld my documents until payment was received . Ended up paying him myself after two weeks of pestering and they gave me my money back when army...
  7. thegimp

    Hunt imposes new contract on Junior Doctors 11/02/16

    Thought this deserves its own thread. I believe/hope this is a watershed moment, when everyone wakes up and decides that they'll be next for bending over a barrel. I hope so Facebook I feel like I should be shouting "it's a trap" It's pretty much how the dissection of the NHS in to a...