1. YarS

    Way to the Communism?

    Do you like social Sci-Fi? Let's try to discuss about new technologies, that can potentionaly turn us to the Communism. So: in your country physics-theoretics invent new theory of space-time. On the first sight there were no practical usage, and as just another theory it was published in...
  2. Mattb

    Group Discussion and PlanEx Marking Schemes

    Does anyone (I'm thinking people running commissioning clubs, etc) have a marking scheme for group discussions, planexes and possibly for being a team member (rather than the leader) during command tasks? Tasked with creating these but thought I'd check and see if anyone has anything before...
  3. M

    Army Officer intake January 2018

    Hi all, New to the forum! Looking for people who are hoping to gain a place on the January 2018 RMAS intake and want to do some prep or swap/compare for the up and coming assessments? Just reply to this post and we can go from there.... But about myself, I was a Police Officer for four years...