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    Can’t promote no matter how much I do!

    Warning, another bitter Pte thread! Seriously though, could gen do with some advice here as my morale ain’t sitting too pretty. Bit about myself, joined at 26 having quit an office management job so nearly 31 now. Idea when joining is just to progress through the ranks ASAP and pick up some...
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    Section 69 of the Army Act 1955

    I believe that this tried and trusted wording on the AF252 is now Section 19 of the Armed Forces Act 2006? Anyone confirm this? Also is the AF 252 still operational? Or has technology overtaken us here too?
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    Do I need to bring a prescription with me to the Medical test and drug tests?

    Hey guys I’m 15 and I’m currently on medication containing codiene for the pain, I’m worried that this will show positive for heroin in my drugs test but I can’t just stop a few days before (I assume it’s a urine test) as I’ll be in a bit of pain, I don’t know if I’ll still be on medication then...
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    Question about posting without prejudice while under investigation

    Hi everyone, Basically a few months ago i was accused of a crime by another member of the military which the civi police have dropped and are not taking it any further But my regiment in all there wisdom decided I was been investigated under agai 67 to see if i failed the service test despite...
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    Punishment postings or punishments from pads behavior

    Hi lads/lasses, been a long time lurker first time poster. Lets start off yes I'm a CROW on here but need your help! Quick background I'm doing a Degree and need some stories to back up what we all know is true. NO PERSONAL DETAILS NEEDED but have you got any DITS of Lads/Lasses being fucked...