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  1. T

    Is SNLR a dishonourable discharge?

    I started at Catterick and loved it, got all my way to week 24 and was 2 weeks from passing out but got injured and sent to hook/williams company for 3 months and i was going to be back-squadded to week 9 and said no way in hell i was doing all the bull**** again, i asked for a UFAS or some...
  2. F

    Discharge before Service Complaint outcome?

    I've put in a service complaint, and they've come back to me saying they're going to follow through with it and someone will be in contact with me for the following steps. I was told by ex-servicemen that I couldn't be discharged until after they had reached an outcome for the service...
  3. C

    discharged for drugs

    hi I am worried about my son as I know he has been discharged for drug misuse my only question is, is does it come under admin discharge or dishonourable discharge ? its really playing on his mind but most of all mine as I would like to think it wasn't dishonourable! I know he did wrong and he...
  4. Roza

    Do I jump or be pushed?

    I'm 20 years old, been in the army for 4 years on 29th April this year. July 2015 I was passenger in a car accident and sustained a whiplash injury. A month later I was deployed to Poland on exercise, armed only with a sick chit and still very much in pain. It took until November 2015 to even...
  5. H

    Punishment postings or punishments from pads behavior

    Hi lads/lasses, been a long time lurker first time poster. Lets start off yes I'm a CROW on here but need your help! Quick background I'm doing a Degree and need some stories to back up what we all know is true. NO PERSONAL DETAILS NEEDED but have you got any DITS of Lads/Lasses being fucked...
  6. B

    Appealing SNLR/Re-Enlisting to Sandhurst

    I was recently discharged from Sandhurst after nearly a year (got backtermed 1 term) and was given Service no longer required without the right to go in as a regular soldier or reserves. Is there any form of appeal or challenge process as the grounds are so vague and loose it seems to confirm...
  7. S

    appendix 9 med board

    Hi all , I injured myself last August ( herniated 2 discs ) I have been downgraded on appendix 9 since. Had an operation in February and been on rehab since. I had a review with the MO and he said I'll be in front of the med board at tidworth in september. First of all , I was told I'd be...
  8. A

    Dishonourable Discharge question

    Hi there, before you read this please note that I understand I am an idiot for doing what I did and regret it more than anything in my life. I was booted out the RAF last April for failing a CDT during basic, over Christmas i smoked some of a spliff while I was out drinking, after Christmas...