1. Emanai

    ADSC Pirbright Experience

    I have recently completed my ADSC assessment at Pirbright and found that reading through posts like these beforehand was very useful and reassuring so I thought I’d provide an up to date experience for others going into ADSC in the near future. For the sake of security I won’t be putting any...
  2. Red Hander

    A short, dry, WW1 diary - Gallipoli

    Long story short: this diary has long been in my family. It is written on a signal pad - headed 'This book is for writing orders only, and leaves must not be torn out. It is on no account to be used for any other purpose. By Order.' This instruction has twice been ignored - once in the keeping...
  3. O

    AOSB Briefing Diary

    Thought I'd add my experiences here. Hope it helps Briefing Log Day 1 Introduction Once I’d arrived at Westbury we were put into the mess to form into our groups, before heading off for an introductory talk by the board’s Vice Principal. He basically explained the coming tasks and what...