desert war

  1. Flight

    Desert Raids with the SAS by Major Tony Hough

    When I received this, I thought it was quite a slim book. The introduction and end chapter, where the son describes visiting the Italian villages where his father was helped as an escapee, really just pad it out a bit. The title is a bit misleading because he is captured on his very first raid...
  2. Stumpy4154

    Images of War: The Armour of Rommel's Afrika Korps

    I asked for this book for a couple of reasons. As a scale modeller the photos would come in handy for future projects and my great-uncle Charlie fought in the Western Desert, so it's a campaign I've always had an interest in. Like the other Images of war book I had about armour in the battles...
  3. Auld-Yin

    The Desert Air War 1940-43

    This is another edition from the wonderful Images of War series by Pen and Sword books. This book covers the air war in the North African desert where army/air cooperation was rediscovered and finessed, making control of the air such a meaningful action. This book does have plenty of...