desert rats

  1. G

    Any Spotters? Vehicle Recognition

    Taken from Cuneo’s painting of Sidi Rezegh, 1941. Anybody recognise the utility vehicle on the right of the photo? Additionally, it’s difficult to tell if the guns on the Crusaders are 2 or 4Pdrs, but I’ve made the assumption they are 2Pdrs and the tanks are Mk I/II, as I don’t think Mk IIIs...
  2. Auld-Yin

    Take These Men

    This is a novel but is more the biography of a young officer in the Desert. Joly served with 2 RTR and the book is basically their story with some elements from other actions included. It is a very personal story with Joly’s thoughts and deeds very much to the fore. The story opens in 1940...