1. C

    A little advice

    Docs recs are being reviewed by army as I write this point I have a few issues that I'd like to have a little advice on. I was seen for depression and anxiety unsure as to what was noted on the records when I spoke to the gp they said I was never diagnosed with either just revived treatment for...
  2. A

    seeking help/advice etc.

    apologies if this is in the wrong area, wasn't to sure where to post left the Army at the start of April this year but have been searching for jobs since around January time. I'm currently on a on call firefighter course but need a second job as the money is not enough to live on (£3000-£5000)...
  3. Noob1

    Been on Leave since 23rd of March

    I’ve been on leave waiting to do my AFT/ TAB to progress on to my phase 3 of (Chef) training trying to get improve my mental health and continuous back injury that still hasn’t been diagnosed that’s brought on after running not sure if anyone can shed any light on back pain after running...
  4. I

    Failed/deferred medical because of depression?

    Hiya, So I sent off the form to Westbury with my full medical history and opticians report etc... Today I got a letter saying that I have been deferred because of "6 months of low mood" and that I can reapply when I have met the following criteria: Symptom and treatment free for 2 years -...
  5. W

    Joining the TA whilst on meds for Depression?

    First point : I have searched the other threads for the answer but they were all full of grumpy ********* telling the poster to search the other threads and posts encouraging suicide. Feel free to post either if it makes you happy, but I doubt it benefits anyone Ok cheers – I have been on...
  6. B

    "Moral Injury" rather than "PTSD"?

    Moral Injury - The Huffington Post Moral Injury: Healing - The Huffington Post Found this a helpful article; I'd be very interested in what others think.
  7. M


    Well, where do I start?? I have recently been given my RGMD back from the docs, basically saying I had depression and was dependant on coke. I had gone to the doctor about this confidentially and confidently in March last year. Reason for this spout was due to the fact I was travelling and...
  8. S

    depression and joining reserves.

    Hi. Back in 2002-2005 i went through a marrige break up and we broke up got back together and broke up again etc etc and my doctor prescribed my anti depressants for 3 years. However since then i have had no prescriptions of anti depressants or had depression for 11 years now and am mentaly and...
  9. E

    Joining the Army and depression

    Hi, I am considering joining the Army but have concerns about my medical background. I was diagnosed with depression and was prescribed anti-depressants following a family bereavement; however, after much thought I decided to not take the anti-depressants, returned them to the docs, and opted...