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    Failed/deferred medical because of depression?

    Hiya, So I sent off the form to Westbury with my full medical history and opticians report etc... Today I got a letter saying that I have been deferred because of "6 months of low mood" and that I can reapply when I have met the following criteria: Symptom and treatment free for 2 years -...
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    Joining the TA whilst on meds for Depression?

    First point : I have searched the other threads for the answer but they were all full of grumpy ********* telling the poster to search the other threads and posts encouraging suicide. Feel free to post either if it makes you happy, but I doubt it benefits anyone Ok cheers – I have been on...
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    "Moral Injury" rather than "PTSD"?

    Moral Injury - The Huffington Post Moral Injury: Healing - The Huffington Post Found this a helpful article; I'd be very interested in what others think.
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    Well, where do I start?? I have recently been given my RGMD back from the docs, basically saying I had depression and was dependant on coke. I had gone to the doctor about this confidentially and confidently in March last year. Reason for this spout was due to the fact I was travelling and...
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    depression and joining reserves.

    Hi. Back in 2002-2005 i went through a marrige break up and we broke up got back together and broke up again etc etc and my doctor prescribed my anti depressants for 3 years. However since then i have had no prescriptions of anti depressants or had depression for 11 years now and am mentaly and...
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    Joining the Army and depression

    Hi, I am considering joining the Army but have concerns about my medical background. I was diagnosed with depression and was prescribed anti-depressants following a family bereavement; however, after much thought I decided to not take the anti-depressants, returned them to the docs, and opted...