1. B

    I just need closure

    Hello all, This is my first post. and I am just writing this really to confirm something so it doesn't eat away at me. So I have an Assessment center date booked for the 24th-25th of September and I am looking to be going to AFC Harrogate October 3rd I am just wondering if this will still be...
  2. dannytreb93

    Pirbright selection dates 2017

    Hey guys.. Anyone at Pirbright for selection 26th - 28th April?
  3. F

    How frequent are CSE phase 2 courses?

    I'd like to know if phase two courses for communications systems engineers are run on a regular schedule, and if so what's the frequency i.e. typical amount of time between any 2 courses. If it's not on a regular schedule, some insight into how it's organised would be greatly appreciated...