1. Yatou

    DAOR letter format/contents required.

    I want to DAOR but I don't know what I need to write in my letter or how it should be layed out. The reason I want to DAOR is because people constantly just bully me because of the fact I'm introverted and one of the most unfit in the platoon, the permanent staff are aware of it happening but...
  2. B

    Genuine question, genuine answer

    Afternoon, Looking for some closure. I discharged from phase 2 at week 8 I think, reasons being - I felt it was the quickest and easier way for me to retrade and sort a few other potential problems back home. Anyway, my next intake will mark a record 13 weeks out of training and relisted back...
  3. Lizzerd

    Help with DAOR / LEAVE AS UNHAPPY Soilder

    Hello I'm currently at AFC Harrogate and I wish to DAOR but I dont ive been told about leave as an unhappy soilder I'm not sure the difference between the two is and if they have any effect on me joining later on in life ? Any help would be a great help