1. Smeggers

    Smashing Hitler's Guns

    Smashing Hitler's Guns. The Rangers at Pointe-du-Hoc. By Stephen J. Zaloga ISBN: 978 1 4728 4983 0. Published by Osprey Publishing Ltd. Stephen J. Zaloga is a world renown expert on D-Day operations; both his Grandfather and his Father landed on Omaha beach, the latter, some weeks after...
  2. Captain_Crusty

    Battle for the Bocage, Normandy 1944

    As I read the acknowledgements at the beginning of this book, I was filled with a slight feeling of dread. The author, Tim Saunders, was playing the COVID card, explaining that he hadn't had access to many of the usual sources as he wrote this book, particularly the war diaries and documents...
  3. W

    Richard Todd and the Pegasus Bridge (The D-Day)

    A new video about Richard Todd
  4. Captain_Crusty

    Gunners in Normandy

    'Gunners in Normandy' is the official account of the Royal Artillery on the Normandy Campaign. It is the latest volume in the 'Blue Book' series of histories of the Royal Regiment begun by General Farndale in the 90s. It had a torturous route to publication; tragically Will Townend, the...
  5. overopensights

    Normandy Air War

    The book is mostly of images prior to, and during the D Day landings. There are some really good detailed shots, they’re not just a repeat of images seen many times before, but really good detailed interesting photographs of previously unseen images. All the characters; the big players are...
  6. Auld-Yin

    From the City, From the Plough

    Review by GrownupRAFBrat This book is a novel from the Imperial War Museum’s ’Wartime Classics’ series. My copy is an uncorrected bound proof, although I found only three typos – fewer than in many of the ‘completed’ books I’ve reviewed. I think this says a lot about the standard of written...
  7. Smeggers

    Normandy 1944 - The Battle for Caen. - Images of War Series.

    Simon Forty was educated in Dorset and the North of England before reading History at London University's School of Slavonic and East European Studies. He has been involved in publishing since the mid-1970's, first as editor and latterly as author. Son of author and RAC Tank Museum curator...
  8. Smeggers

    Jagdpanther Tank Destroyer - Tankcraft Series - German Army & Waffen-SS, Western Europe 1944-45.

    Dennis Oliver is the author of over twenty books on Second World War armoured vehicles including Codename Swallow: British Sherman Tanks at Alamein, To The Last Bullet: Germany's War on 3 Fronts, Westwall: German Armour in the West 1945, Viking Summer and A Sound Like Thunder. All of these books...
  9. Smeggers

    The History of the 15th Scottish Division by Lt. Gen. H.G. Martin CB, DSO, OBE.

    The division was a second line Territorial Army Division, the duplicate of the British 52nd (Lowland) Division and served in the Second World War, where, among other actions, it was part of VIII Corps under Lieutenant-General Sir Richard O’Connor in Normandy and it ended the war on the Elbe...
  10. W21A

    D Day 1944 – The making of Victory

    ‘Operation Overlord was truly the appliance of science and a battle of the boffins.’ This book considers the build up to Day and beyond on both sides. The first five chapters deal with the disastrous Dieppe raid and the German reaction to that which was to fortify the coast. In 1942, Von...
  11. D

    Disaster before D-Day

    Back in the days when I was in the Andrew, I did the fairly regular weekenders run between Pompey and Guz (Plymouth). On occasion, I took the road that winds along Slapton Sands and I have stopped by the Sherman tank that is there as part of the memorial to those service personnel who died. I...
  12. JINGO

    Command and Valour.

    As a sweeping generalisation most books on war history fall into two broad categories. Those with a larger scope covering the strategic aspects of a campaign or those that deal on a more human personal level of the fighting. In this volume Stuart Robinson has blended the two. I’ll admit I was...
  13. Legs

    D-Day Through German Eyes (Parts One and Two)

    We all know that history of war is written by the victors, but that doesn’t mean that those whose side lost don’t have a historic view. It just means we rarely hear it. In this Audiobook we finally do. From the point of view of ordinary German soldiers, we are introduced to D-Day from the...
  14. untallguy

    D-Day Cover Up At Pointe Du Hoc Volume II

    D-Day Cover Up At Pointe Du Hoc is a two-volume book which describes the training and preparation of the 2nd and 5th Battalions of the US Rangers and their attack on the Pointe du Hoc gun battery on D-Day; I read the second volume which covers 1st May to 10th June 1944. The author, Gary Sterne...
  15. goodoldboy

    Images of War - the Americans on D-Day and in Normandy

    Images of War – the Americans on D-Day and in Normandy by Brooke S. Blades Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives This book provides a comprehensive description of the part played by the US Army, from preparations in England, through their joint invasion of occupied France on 6 June 1944 and...
  16. JINGO

    Pointe Du Hoc.

    The storming of Pointe Du Hoc by Colonel James Rudders 2nd Ranger Battalion is undoubtably one of the most singularity impressive feats of arms on a day repleat with them. To stand on the moonscape of the heavily cratered site, studded with immense concrete blockhouses, and then gaze over the...