1. Electromagnetic

    Cyprus 1954-59 QE Medal Search for veterans and NOK

    Les Smith was on BBC Radio Scotland this morning. He is still looking for details of servicemen or next of kin of servicemen who were involved in the Cyrus Emergency between 1954 and 1959. Most of these would have been on National Service. From the web page Cyprus Veterans If you served in...
  2. 4PawsPetTravel

    Pet Travel - Are you on the move? then take your pets too!

    Are you being posted abroad to Cyprus? or returning to UK from Cyprus? Do you have pets? Need help or advise? Then contact "4 Paws Pet Travel" One call (or email) and we can handle it all, door to door. We can assist with moves for virtually any pet to virtually anywhere in the world :) :)...
  3. manchesterutd

    cqms for decompression party

    hi fellow ARRSE members, Has anyone done the CQMS job in Cyprus for the decompression lot ? if yes, then could you please shed some light on PROS and CONS. thank you in advance.