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    Royal Signals Officer

    I have a computer science degree with 2 years experience in software testing. I'm considering applying for the Royal Signals Officer. Are there much opportunities with cyber, networks software etc. And how would it set me up for future employment after I come out of the army? Would like to...
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    Cyber Operator Trade - R Signals

    Good evening ladies and gents. So, just a bit of gen I've heard, R Sigs are going to be creating a new Cyber Operator trade. From the old and bold amongst you, can anyone confirm how gen this actually is? If so, are you able to shed a bit more light onto the situation. Cheers gents.
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    Cyber Reserves

    I was full Med Discharged from 12 years service with a SIP back in 2013, I heard that, the cyber reserves have a waver for fitness tests, weapons etc, which I would never be able to pass again! I still love my country and If I was to apply to become a weekend keyboard warrior - would I lose...