1. MoleBath

    Caribbean Legion and it’s Mercenary Air Forces 1947-1950

    The immediate post war years were tempestuous times in the Caribbean with much coming and going of strong men presidents and a keen US interest in those leaning to the left. The Caribbean legion was a shifting alliance of progressive forces seeking to democratise the region. Not as a Marxist...
  2. seaweed

    Disputed Victory

    'There's a buzz going round the haaarbour that the Yanks are going to sea ..' RN words to Halls of Montezuma' The focus of this book is the action in which the USN sank four Spanish cruisers off...
  3. FailyScaley

    US, Cuba, mystery diplomatic symptoms

    Just read this interesting piece on Sky News US pulls 60% of staff from Cuba after mystery attacks Seems a couple of dozen dips have been suffering with weird symptoms like dizziness, vomming and brain issues. Plus ça change. Some half references to a malfunctioning device or a sonic weapon...