1. I_shat_in_Erics_boots

    Integrated Review - The CSS World Post-EMBANKMENT

    Amid much speculation as to how the CSS world might look post-EMBANKMENT, and given that we are to become a carbon copy of our American masters, would it be fair to say that the blueprints are already out there and that this is essentially a foretaste of what is to come: The brigade support...
  2. warty_melon

    Forklift Engineers/Fitters/Mechanics/Electricians

    Apologies MODS if I've posted in the wrong area, just trying to help a brother or sister. First job I applied for I got the position, being an amputee this was mega, however I digress, Neckar Forklifts near Windsor are looking for Ex Forces with any experience in Mechanical & Electrical...