1. Auld-Yin

    Past Tense

    As ever, Reacher is on his travels in the USA, never staying anywhere long, hitchhiking to wherever takes his fancy at the time. This book opens with Reacher standing at a crossroads with one sign to Laconia, New Hampshire. This is where his father was born, raised and lived in until he joined...
  2. Auld-Yin

    Born Bad

    Don’t judge a book by its cover! Mea culpa and a wonderful piece of advice that I should pay more attention to; this book is just such. I got this book unasked for and thought that, woman writer with a book about a girl brought up in Manchester – definitely not for me. How wrong I was! Set...
  3. D

    Convicted poacher sentenced to watch Bambi repeatedly whilst imprisoned

    Punishment fits the crime? Or bizarre nonsense? Deer poacher sentenced to watch Bambi in prison - BBC News
  4. Auld-Yin

    In A House of Lies

    The Rebus series of stories have been a huge success and this book is a worthy addition to that list. Rankin has stated that he has always kept Rebus in real time so this sees the story not so much about him, but about a murder case he worked on 12 years previously while Rebus himself is a...
  5. W21A


    Jasmine Safrana is a Saudi resident of the moon with American street smarts in a 1/6th gravity environment. In the Lunar city of Artemis, she is a lowly porter with ambitions of being licenced for Extra Vehicular Activities and the big pay that goes with escorting parties of tourists on the...
  6. JINGO


    From the opening paragraphs the authors wonderful, descriptive prose sets an all to familiar scene to those of us that have trotted the bogs and borderlands of this divided Country. The author uses his words to paint the sometimes desolate, lonely, but always beautiful setting of this crime...
  7. chuggafugga

    Crime pays, or does it?

    Perhaps old news to some but something to show the Border Force do more than reject immigrants etc The sad story of how a trio on a small fishing vessel were recently caught with nearly a ton of 70% pure cocaine with a street value of £82m I particularly liked the part where the captain of the...