1. chuggafugga

    Covid Passports - Yay or ney?

    It's now becoming and more inevitable that despite the UK improving it's current situation that other countries are much less stable with the way they can regulate the actions of genpop as well as getting vaccinations rolled out. India is currently undergoing mandatory lockdown (running around...
  2. BarcelonaAnalPark

    5G routers

    I've been running my house wifi off a 4G sim card & home router since I cast off the shackles of wired Internet. Its more than enough to run my iot, Netflix & video calls. All for less than £20 p/m. Anyway, I live in a 5G area & want to go from a 4G router to a 5G router. But, the only one on...
  3. greenbaggyskin

    Corona, the mess bill

    I was reading a few things today that just jarred immediately and set me thinking, which is always dangerous. Apparently the treasury has spent £280Bn on its immediate Coranavirus measures, with no short-term likelihood of an end to the farago that is the lockdown cycle. The economic knock-ons...
  4. M

    Covid shortened Main Board

    Have my MB coming up soon - the shortened 2 1/3 day affair. Could a PO who has recently gone on one of these shortened MB's kindly provide a diary for one of these. i.e. what events were held on which day, in which order. Any notes on how the experience went compared to what a full MB would...
  5. mrdude

    WuFlu - Anti Vaxxers

    So as Wuflu has now killed hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world - and scientists are working on a vaccine, will you get vaccinated? Personally I'm of the belief that things like this are very common in nature and have been since time began. It's natures way of keeping...
  6. Fort99

    Been on Leave since 23rd of March

    I’ve been on leave waiting to do my AFT/ TAB to progress on to my phase 3 of (Chef) training trying to get improve my mental health and continuous back injury that still hasn’t been diagnosed that’s brought on after running not sure if anyone can shed any light on back pain after running...