covid 19

  1. A

    Door to door in Lockdown - claiming to be ex army

    Can anyone tell me if they know of any Vets charities currently sending ex army lads out to do door to door selling in SE of England. I took shopping to my elderly parents in Kent today and found them about to hand over loads of £££ to two scrawny lads who claimed to be working for a charity...
  2. M

    Covid shortened Main Board

    Have my MB coming up soon - the shortened 2 1/3 day affair. Could a PO who has recently gone on one of these shortened MB's kindly provide a diary for one of these. i.e. what events were held on which day, in which order. Any notes on how the experience went compared to what a full MB would...
  3. M

    OFV's (Covid-19) - Officer Familiarisation Visits

    Any one else managing to get any OFV's currently? My CSM says they are not on atm, but Capita are never right about anything so checking with other current candidates.
  4. M

    Soot the Suit at AOSB(B)?

    Briefings are set to resume from Jun 01. Post-lockdown Briefings are truncated 6 hour affairs and the Joining Instructions state: ''To limit the amount of clothing needed at the briefing event, you are asked to wear sports clothing and training shoes under a track suit or similar clothing over...
  5. chuggafugga

    What happens when the furlough ends...

    Businesses have been hit by this and whilst support from the government has been viable in the form of paying each business upto a cap of £2400 per worker per month this isn't viable long term and never has been, businesses are going to be expected to foot the bill now come October when the...