1. C

    Computer coding

    Which trade teaches you computer coding? Or anything similar to cyber security.
  2. B

    Royal Signals Officer

    I have a computer science degree with 2 years experience in software testing. I'm considering applying for the Royal Signals Officer. Are there much opportunities with cyber, networks software etc. And how would it set me up for future employment after I come out of the army? Would like to...
  3. M

    HNC - ELC?!?

    Hello, I'm leaving next year and looking at doing a HNC in computing. Do you know if my enhanced learning credits will cover this course? Also I'm entitled to full resettlement. If my ELC do cover a HNC do you know if I could do a full degree with my ELC? Cheers!!
  4. Bris

    Coding courses

    Now I'm settled into civvy life, I find I have a bit of spare time on my hands, as well as 2 ELC grants that need to be used fast (after they reduced the time limit you can claim them for). Has anyone done any coding courses with their ELC? Any particular languages? The last stuff I touched...
  5. Conniesdad

    Very strange email...

    I met an elderly friend who showed me an email that she received this morning, it seems to come from me but I didn't send it, it has some interesting features. Firstly it has my email address but with "" instead of "" that my emails go out with. It also has tacked to the...