1. thegimp

    Hired van broke down, do I have a position to ask for discount

    As per title Spent four hours faffing around waiting for RAC then recovery vehicle after my shiny 23km only transit shat it's pistons out It and me are being recovered to the hire place, then I have to do paperwork for another. Cross deck all the cargo drive home unload and return to get my...
  2. B

    Med discharged for a secong time with the same injury.

    Evening all. Help needed if possible. I was mad discharged in 2005(for the first time) for a non freezing cold injury, both feet, while on exercise at otterburn(shudder) It destroyed my nerve endings and resulted in me waving bye bye at the front gate. Any way I never claimed compensation...
  3. T

    AFCS - Hearing Loss 50db (R) 50db(L)

  4. Bad CO

    Life After Service For Injured Personnel

    We've just received an interesting report based on a survey of 809 former service personnel who left following an injury incurred during service. Highlights: Majority of injuries not incurred on active service - not sure I find that really surprising but I guess most people would Majority of...