1. Nemesis44UK

    Operation Janus

    Operation Janus by JP Cross “Operation Janus” by JP Cross tells the fictional (with a few sprinkles of fact) story of Alan Hinlea, an officer with a balanced view of the world – he has chips on both his shoulders. Aggrieved at post-WW2 colonialism and the upper class snobbism that he sees in...
  2. YarS

    Way to the Communism?

    Do you like social Sci-Fi? Let's try to discuss about new technologies, that can potentionaly turn us to the Communism. So: in your country physics-theoretics invent new theory of space-time. On the first sight there were no practical usage, and as just another theory it was published in...
  3. BarcelonaAnalPark

    Voting Muster

    Have you voted yet? Did the 3 weirdos handing out ballot papers look at you funny? How are you going to avoid the election coverage?