commonwealth applicants

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    Can a Nigerian join the UK army through commonwealth?

    Hello everyone, I’m Nigerian by nationality and I would like to ask if I can join the uk army? If yes, I need to know the process and what I’ll need
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    Commonwealth wanting to joinn RMAS

    Hey guys im just wondering if Commonwealth citizens are allowed to serve in the Army as a full-time Officer. I saw that Commonwealth Citizens are allowed to join but I'm not sure of what we can join. Im looking to work in the Infantry. What are your thoughts on Foreigners being able to join...
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    Any news on Commonwealth recruits joining the British Army ?

    " We don't currently have any vacancies for commonwealth applicants. If you have applied, and not heard from us, we will keep your details, and will get back to you if there are any suitable opportunities in the future. " This is the only news I have been able to find out about this topic for...