1. O

    Reserve AOSB Standards

    I failed to pass main while attempting to go as a regular. I want to go back, but as I've taken some time out and got a job, joining the regulars wouldn't be as easy as it would have been if coming straight out of Uni. I want to get a bit more experience and a few more qualifications at my job...
  2. O

    Gay officers

    Hello, I really want to go to Sandhurst and to become an officer and I'm determined to do so. However I am gay, I've come out to some friends and some family but I'm not really showy and shouty about it. I'm definatly not a stereotypical gay and don't really come across as. Should I go into...
  3. G

    Sponsored by technical corps, but do i have to commission into them?

    I study at Welbeck and im getting sponsored through university by the RE, however, do i have to commission into the RE at sandhurst.
  4. Mordical

    One of those questions...

    Talking at work with another ex-squaddy and a question arose that neither of us knew the answer to. That is pretty unusual because between us we seem to know everything. Especially with the addition of alcohol. The question is this - we all know of people who do their time, get to WO2 or WO1...