1. JINGO

    First in Last Out.

    I have a great respect for the soldierly skills and professionalism of our Royal Marine comrades, but I’m also aware that they, like their USMC brothers, have a very active PR machine. The timing of this book when the RM is desperately trying to reinvent itself and secure its place in the shadow...
  2. Flight

    Special Forces Operator: Serving with the SAS and MRF

    Robert W Brown has certainly had an interesting life and shares much of what he can tell in this fast paced autobiography. His opinions on British Ruperts are particularly cutting, and given that he has served with the Australian 2 Commando, grey zone irregulars in Laos, Parachute Regiment...
  3. Pteranadon


    Review by @Pteranadon This is a reprint of Durnford Slater’s 1953 memoir Commando: Memoirs of a Fighting Commando in World War Two. It includes a new foreword by Neil Barber. In June 1940 Captain John Durnford Slater RA was adjutant of a training regiment. His CO wrote such a supportive...
  4. J

    Gurkha Paras/Commandos?

    Can the Gurkhas do the AACC or P Coy and earn the green/maroon beret. I have seen pictures of Gurkhas wearing these berets with the Royal Gurkha Regiment cap badge but cannot find any information on it. Thanks
  5. C

    Paras or marines

    Should I join the paras or marines as an officer. I'm exactly 50/50 split between the two and can't decide between airbourne or amphibious. I love a good challenge, and I definitely want to be the best of the best. The ultimate end goal is SAS selection, so maybe one would help better than the...
  6. chuggafugga

    Would Royal Marines eat human flesh as a matter of survival...

    Obviously one for the hole, but in a survival situation, comrades are dead and rations are gone, would commandos eat their comrades if absolutely no other options available as a matter of survival, like in the film Alive
  7. P

    Commando gunners

    I was discharged from RM training not too long ago, currently undergoing a medical appeal to join the army and if this is successful hope to join 29 commando in Plymouth. The RA seems like a good option to me as it seems like there are many specialist/elite regiments you can go on to and looks...