combat med tech

  1. C

    Any advice for a Med Tech?

    I applied to join up last May and got deferred for a year but got it appealed. I’ve wanted to join for years but put my self through college first to get my qualifications in order. I’ll be off for my medical some time in November and I was wondering if any of you had some advice for me...
  2. M

    Phase 2 CMT Standerds - please advise!

    Hello. So I think I'm right in saying now to train as a CMT it is a 50 week training program? There are 3,2,1 standers, standers, 1 being the best? At the 50 week training do I reach all the standers and then ready to unit? Or only trained in either 3,2 then need to experience...
  3. DeclynS

    Reserve CMT Training

    Ive just got my selection dates through and my first job role is a CMT after searching for a good few hours online and speaking to the recruitment team at the unit im joining I cannot find anything on CMT Trade Training. If possible can you detail where it is, how long it is and what it...